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Dear Bisbee,

For weeks, we have convened with inspiring community-focused groups. These gatherings have helped us to mold our plans into a project that we are excited to present to our neighbors and the City of Bisbee. As per our county’s permitting process, today we sent a letter to 45 of our neighbors, whose feedback will be recorded for consideration before our special use permit can be approved. The process will culminate in a meeting with the Planning and Zoning Commission for our Special Permit review on May 9th at 4:00pm at 1415 Melody Lane, Board of Supervisors Room, Building G, Bisbee.

With the support of our community and neighbors, we will be able to continue to work with the city to supplement our increasingly vibrant arts & culture community, and can begin building classroom facilities on our land. We hope to offer a mixture of classes and workshops in natural building, the arts, and permaculture techniques, and to develop a composting program for the greater Bisbee community. Pending county approval, we will be able to start working toward our ultimate goal of participating in the Bisbee community farmers’ market with the produce we grow in our garden, greenhouse, and native plant nursery, and can begin contributing to the local artistic community with the work that we create in our facilities.

Site Plan

We are happy to continue to share our progress and plans with our fellow Bisbeens. We welcome all feedback and suggestions from you--our friends and neighbors-- and would love to hear about your thoughts on our goals and efforts. If you’re curious about our project, or just want to say hi, we have been invited to present details about our proposed project on the following two occasions: Women to Women Wednesdays at

PanTerra (22 Main Street, Bisbee) April 18th from 6:00 - 7:30pm


Copper Queen Library (6 Main Street, Bisbee) June 5th at 5:30pm Please feel free to comment on this post with any questions, or email us at If you receive our letter in the mail, please take a moment to send it back and show your support. We need the support of our community to make this happen, and we look forward to hearing from, working with, and learning from you all! Thank you, and Happy Spring!

Sincerely, Solstead

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